Information about BabyHop


BabyHop, for smart travelling parents

BabyHop is a must-have for families to travel serenely! is the new P2P marketplace for all your baby gear. Its concept is based on the idea of a sharing economy.

Designed for parents who like to travel easy and light, you will be able to focus on enjoying your trip without the inconveniences of travelling with babies and toddlers.

BabyHop will also enable you to finally make some use, (and why not, some money), out of the perfectly functional but no longer used baby gear that’s been sitting in your garage for some time now.

Who’s the ninja mom behind BabyHop ?

Hi, I’m Karina! I am a Mexican living in France, mom of Luna , 6 years old and Enzo, 3 years old. I love to travel and want to explore the world with my kids. But the thing is when we travel as a family I always lack 4 arms, a 3.5 tons truck and one of the passports… My wish?

Travel more, easier and overall lighter!

Super-BabyHop for Super-Families!

BabyHop is your platform for baby equipment rental between individuals!

The Johnson Family lives in Orlando, they have 2 kids growing up too fast and a third one coming in 6 months. In the meantime, the Johnson are stocking all the baby equipment in the garage with barely any room left for the kids’ bikes and Daddy’s mower.

The Williams Family is from Seattle and always go on holidays at Nan and Pop’s in Orlando. But flying with Josh, 9 months, and Sarah, 2 years old, plus their 12 favorite toys, strollers, car seats,…  it gets overwhelming!

BabyHop connects families like the Johnson and the Williams, so that everyone wins!

On one side, travels get less stressful and more fun; on the other side, you save garage space and put money on the piggy-bank!

It’s the solution not to pay extra luggage fees or find out your stroller got broken, and you (finally) have a spot in your bag for this one book you never had time to finish this year!

PS: BabyHop saves parents from being sherpas, but we still don’t have the miracle solution for jetlag …

BabyHop community

Overall, joining BabyHop is being part of an international community of family adventurers.

BabyHop is also:

    -  Sharing tips on local kid-friendly places - because travel guides don’t always know what restaurants have a baby highchair for Mia.

    - Advice from local families on must-see that will please our little monsters and make the trip nicer for everyone – and figure out where Nick can have the most fun while on vacation.

    - The opportunity to meet people from different horizons with similar lifestyles, with whom you can share travel experiences and feedbacks – and become pro at travelling with toddlers!